Deploy the Todo app diagram into your cloud.

Configure deployment

From the application diagram, click deploy in the upper right.
enter deployment configuration

Set environment metadata

The values in the screenshot below are for reference and can be changed however you see fit.
environment metadata

Set health check endpoints

The values in the screenshot below MUST match exactly:
health check endpoints
  • startup_path: /_/start
  • liveness_path: /_/live
  • readiness_path: /_/ready


Save and continue:
save and continue
Accept Ts & Cs:
deploy now

Monitor deploy logs

Deployments can take a while up to 40 minutes, during that time you will see output from the IaC operators as your environment is provisioned.
After the application is deployed successfully you can visit the OpenAPI documentation generated for the service at:
https://<app name>-<env name>/<org-name>.opscanvas.io/todo-api
your organization