Find environment info

These are environment specific values that are used for access

Find the environment to access

Navigate to the environment list screen.

Find your environment

If necessary, use the filters to narrow down the list of environments.

Click the environment name to visit the status screen. Navigate to an environment Deployment Status screen.

View environment information

The following information will be displayed on the screen:

Base URL A computed value https://<application-name>-<environment-name>.<organization-name>

Cluster Name A computed value <application-name>-<environment-name> all lower-cased

Account Id The AWS account ID into which this environment was deployed

Service names The names of the private services that were deployed into your Kubernetes cluster

Service image URLs The address of the service, a computed value <base-url>/<service-name>all lower-cased, and spaces replaced with a dash (-)

Role Name The name of the role used to deploy the managed services into your cloud

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