CloudWatch Logs

Logging to CloudWatch provides a facility for users and 3rd party services to access logs without the need for direct access to the cluster.

If you can access your cluster, you can view service logs via your terminal.

Log groups and streams

In CloudWatch, each of the service's logs is stored in an individual log stream while a log group is a collection of log streams. OpsCanvas creates 5 log groups for each environment:

  • application - contains your service's logs

  • dataplane - Kubernetes component logs e.g. kubelet, kube-proxy, containerd, ...

  • host - system logs from worker nodes e.g /var/log/messages, syslog

  • performance - metrics related to resource utilization, like network, mem, cpu ...

  • cluster - audit logs, what's happening inside the cluster, e.g. failing service health checks would be logged here

Finding log groups

Log into the AWS management console.

Open the CloudWatch dashboard and select the region into which your environment was deployed.

Expand the Logs group on the left-hand nav, and select Log Groups:

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