Application Glossary

Terms used to describe OpsCanvas

Generative IaC

A proprietary process that deterministically generates known-good Infrastructure as code based on a logical architecture diagram that includes:

  • private services (containers, created by you, stored in a private OCI registry),

  • managed services (products rented from your cloud provider), and

  • public services (containers, created by 3rd parties, stored in a public OCI registry).

Cloud security best practices

The norms and prescriptive guidance developed through consensus among thought leaders and practitioners in the industry for securing an organization’s cloud infrastructure and software.

Version and configuration management

Version and configuration management are slightly different although related concepts. Version management (a.k.a version control) is the act of tracking changes through the lifecycle of a document or digital asset.

Configuration management is related but also involves mapping versions to environments, and ensuring that the appropriate configuration changes are deployed only to the correct environment.

Draw & Deploy

A term of art that refers to the OpsCanvas patented process of deploying a complete application based on a logical architecture drawing.

One-click actions

A term of art that refers to the way OpsCanvas simplifies complex DevOps tasks into simple actions against environments that are easy to understand and find by anyone who needs to take them.

List of one-click actions


Create a running environment from an architecture diagram.


Update private services running in an environment


Re-deploying previous versions of services to a known-good state


Decommission the environment and destroy all of its managed services


Create a new environment with the same configuration as a running one


Change the time for which an environment is scheduled for decommissioning

Well-tested (known-good) configuration code

Code that conforms to best practices and has been run in the wild. That is, the IaC has been used to generate environments that support real-life workloads.

Unified view of all cloud-based environments

We provide a Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) that gives your organization an easy way to see all of your environments and applications. This makes it much easier to determine what’s running, where, and why.

OpsCanvas embeds managed Kubernetes

We provision your cloud’s managed Kubernetes service and install your private services into it.

Live logs and real-time progress indicators.

We configure your application to log into your cloud’s logging platform (e.g. CloudWatch). We plan to buff this feature and make getting application logs easier, but in the meantime, you have full access via your cloud provider's native facilities.

Needed permissions

We follow the principle of least privilege for all of the services we create and manage.

Lifecycle rules

Scheduling a deployed environment for decommissioning. This is very useful to prevent zombie environments and run-away cloud costs.

Lifecycle of your environments

Scheduling a deployed environment for decommissioning. This is very useful to prevent zombie environments and run-away cloud costs.

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